About Us


I'm Ashlyn, the founder of Quality Analytics.  My mission is to help you succeed with your very own entrepreneurial ventures. I'm a seasoned accountant with experience working with companies from 1-1000+ employees. 


I am the product of two wonderful parents who are the epitome of the American dream.  Both being successful business owners, they've taught me the challenges and rewards of being your own boss. You could say that entrepreneurship runs in my blood.  My single greatest passion in life is helping others succeed. Lucky for you, math is my second. 

I know from experience that what matters to business owners isn't crunching numbers and filing taxes, it's running the business. It isn't easy to focus on important daily business operations when you're bogged down in financial stress. That's where I want to help you succeed. 

Let me do the math.

With QA, you'll get far more than what you'll find with a standard online bookkeeping service. You'll get a person instead of an algorithm, and someone who genuinely cares about the success of your business

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